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We are proud to honor our history and credit our formation to BG Robert Anderson (1825), who believed that an “Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy” was important.  Anderson wrote BG Sylvanus Thayer (1808) in January 1869 and outlined the concept of forming an association, “to see what should be done to perfect and perpetuate this truly national institution.”

Thayer wholeheartedly agreed with this proposal and on May 22, 1869, fifteen graduates gathered in the office of Dr. Horace Webster (1818), President of the College of the City of New York, to turn Anderson’s idea into a reality.  Among other business, the group resolved that the Association was to be “formed purely for the promotion of social and fraternal intercourse.”

Today, the West Point Association of Graduates holds true to the original ideals of this group, providing opportunities for Grads to gather in societies, on Founders Day, during reunions, at tailgates and at a host of other activities held around the world.  We continue to strengthen the bonds of the “Long Gray Line” through communications and services.  We also prepare for the future by building relationships which support current cadets…our future.

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