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Join fellow alumni, family, friends, and even other service academies for wonderful adventures as part of the WPAOG Alumni Travel Program.

Sustainability Statement - In addition to providing a premier travel experience for you, West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) commits to working with tour operator partners who emphasize sustainable tourism. This means that you will have a positive impact on the local environment, society, and economy when you travel with WPAOG.

Due to the uncertainty of travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 trips vary in availability. To learn more about trips being offered for 2022/2023, contact us at Travel@wpaog.org

The Travel Program Map below shows the locations for trips currently available to West Point alumni. Click on the individual plot points embedded on the map to learn more about that specific trip. Clicking the toggle icon located to the left of the Travel Program title will display a list of all trips, sorted by year. The trips plotted in YELLOW represent those being offered in the current year and the trips plotted in RED represent those being offered next year.

Contact our partner Tour Operators:
AHI Travel 800.323.7373
Gohagan Travel 800.922.3088
Go Next 800.842.9023
National WWII Museum 877.813.3329 ext 325
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Local Hudson Valley Tours

Please be aware that travel at this time is still uncertain. As a result, it is recommended that you consider purchasing travel insurance and following up with the tour operator of your trip regarding its cancellation policies. WPAOG does not offer travel insurance, and it is strictly a recommendation.

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