West Point Challenge

May 1-5, 2022

From Sunday, May 1st at Reveille until Thursday, May 5th at Taps, the West Point community came together in record numbers for the first West Point Challenge. A heartfelt thank you to all the Old Grads, parents, and friends who supported the Challenge this week and encouraged others to join.

With gifts totaling $4.4 million dollars, every part of West Point was impacted this week. Over 330 different funds, including 100 Directorate of Cadet Activities (DCA) Clubs, received Margin of Excellence gifts. The Class of 2025 Parents won the Parent Challenge and pizza for their cadets this weekend.

Once again, the Class of 1972 had the highest active class participation, and the Class of 1994 had the most donors. The Class of 1976 had the most money raised, with the Class of 1977 memorializing each deceased classmate through West Point Challenge gifts. A special thank you to our oldest grad, COL (R) Francis K. Newcomer ‘39, for his donation.

West Point Challenge by the Numbers
Classes by participation and by Donors


Please contact us at WestPointChallenge@wpaog.org with any questions.