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IN MEMORIAM  - Listing of fallen graduates during Global War On Terrorism

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Recently reported graduate deaths.

Joseph P. Pepe   1946
Died on 3/23/2023 in Austin, TX
Interred in Ft. Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso, TX.

Homer B. Jenkins III  1958
Died on 7/3/2015 in Manassas, VA
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

Mark A. McCoy   1986
Died on 3/22/2023 in Canton, OH
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

Anthony E. Hartle   1964
Died on 3/21/2023 in Georgetown, TX
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

Howard B. Thompson   1953
Died on 3/15/2023 in Palm Desert, CA
To be interred in West Point Cemetery, West Point, NY at a later date.

Alan W. Baldwin   1959
Died on 1/11/2023 in Barrington, IL

Michael J. Matteson   1965
Died on 9/20/2022 in Fayetteville, NC
Interred in Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery, Spring Lake, NC.

Ernest C. Adams   1969
Died on 3/20/2023 in Cumming, GA
To be interred in Canton Georgia National Cemetery, Canton, GA on March 23, 2023.

Thomas W. Keeley   1957
Died on 3/4/2023 in Medina, OH
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

Ronald E. Loveland   1977
Died on 3/19/2023 in Northport, NY
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

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