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IN MEMORIAM  - Listing of fallen graduates during Global War On Terrorism

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Recently reported graduate deaths.

Thomas W. Keeley   1957
Died on 3/4/2023 in Medina, OH
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

Ronald E. Loveland   1977
Died on 3/19/2023 in Northport, NY
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

John B. Wolters   1977
Died on 3/19/2023 in San Antonio, TX
Interment not reported to WPAOG.

Guy K. Troy   1946
Died on 3/17/2023 in Liberty, NC
To be interred at Bethany United Methodist Church, Staley, NC at a later date.

Alan Matthew R. Dean   1951
Died on 3/14/2023 in Westminster, MD
To be interred in West Point Cemetery, West Point, NY at a later date.

Michael B. Allen   1963
Died on 2/15/2023 in San Antonio, TX

Robert F. Griffin   1967
Died on 3/12/2023 in Little Rock, AR
To be interred in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA at a later date.

Aaron B. Loggins Sr.  1956
Died on 2/10/2023 in Albuquerque, NM
Interred in Santa Fe National Cemetery, Anta Fe National Cemetery, Santa Fe, NM at a later date.

Donald R. Pope   1957
Died on 3/12/2023 in Tucson, AZ
Cremated. To be inurned at Arlington National Cemetery, at a later date.

Lynn J. Perey   1966
Died on 2/28/2023 in Beaverton, OR
To be interred in Yellowstone National Cemetery, Laurel, MT at a later date.

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