Parent Review - August 2023

Class of 2027 “Earned Not Given”

  USMA Class of 2027 Acceptance Day Parade

Congratulations to the Class of 2027 who Slayed the Beast and powered through a rainy March Back! The Class officially joined the Corps of Cadets with the traditional Acceptance Day parade on the Plain. Read more.

Affirmation Ceremony

  USMA Class of 2025 Affirmation Ceremony

On Sunday, the evening before the first day of class, the Class of 2025 recited the Cadet oath and affirmed their commitment to complete the next two years of study and serve their five-year active-duty service obligation. See photos and read more.

August Graduation

  USMA August 2023 Grads

Congratulations to the seven cadets who graduated from West Point on August 3! LTC (R) Joseph F. Gaziano, MAJ (R) Richard L. Moskala, and

LTC (R) Albert A. Sciarretta, from the 50-Year Affiliate Class of 1973, presented each graduate with their engraved "73-23" second lieutenant bars. Photos.

Cadet Leadership Announced

  Cadet Leadership Announced

Please join us in congratulating the following Brigade Leaders for the 2023-2024 academic year:

First Captain/Brigade Commander: Martayn Van de Wall

Deputy Brigade Commander: Isabella Sullivan

Brigade Command Sgt. Maj.: Wil Tearman

Brigade Executive Officer: Calvin Lu

Brigade Honor Captain: Jacques Schold

Brigade Prevention Captain: Teryon Lowery

Read more.

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All For the ‘Ohana – Task Force McMahon

  CDT Dennis Richard “Ricky” McMahon IV ’25 and COL(R) Jeanette McMahon ’83

In honor of LTC Michael Jerome McMahon ’85, this year’s air assault detail was named Task Force McMahon. LTC McMahon’s son, CDT Dennis Richard “Ricky” McMahon IV ’25, spoke to the trainees with his mother COL (R) Jeanette McMahon ’83, about his father who died in a plane crash in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in 2004. Read more.

A Blast from the Past

  WPAOG finds time capsule in Kościuszko monument

Guess what WPAOG stumbled upon? A time capsule! Hidden away in the Kościuszko monument, this little treasure chest has been waiting patiently for its moment in the spotlight. The one-square-foot lead box was discovered by WPAOG's Chris Branson during statue renovations this summer. What’s inside? Find out on August 28 when the hidden artifacts are revealed. Be sure to mark it on your calendars and check our social media for updates! Read more.

Tune in: Foley ’63 on the Podcast

  WPAOG Podcast

We sat down with LTG (R) Robert F. Foley ’63, recipient of the Medal of Honor, and got so much amazing content, we split it into two episodes! In the first episode, “Legacy of Leadership,” you’ll hear stories from Foley’s numerous assignments during his 37 years on active duty including receiving the MOH and being the Commandant at West Point. In episode two, learn from his remarkable journey in the Army, hear valuable lessons from his career and dynamic strategies to implement as a leader. Find all our podcasts here.

“Where on West Point” Scavenger Hunt

  Where on West Point?

Here's the SOP: Guess where on West Point you’ve seen the image--be specific! Submit the correct answer through our form to have a chance at winning a $25 gift card to the WPAOG Gift Shop --it's that simple! The second Tuesday of every month we'll post a new "Where on West Point?" image. We will randomly select and announce the winner from the correct answers on the last Tuesday of the month. Submit your answer here.

Cheers to Our Cadets

  WPAOG Gift Shop

There’s no better way to toast cadet accomplishments than to say “Cheers” with a 16oz Tervis. Customized with each current cadet Class Crest, order today and extend summer a little longer. We’ll have 2027 ready after the Class Crest unveiling this spring! Shop 24/7 at wpaoggiftshop.com or give us a call at 800.426-4725 (M/F-10am-5pm).

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